Student Senate of Blackfeet Community College (SSBCC)

All Blackfeet Community College students are members of the Student Senate of Blackfeet Community College (SSBCC). A portion of student registration fees is allocated to the SSBCC budget to assist students in meeting their social and educational needs.

Election of SSBCC officers is held each Fall Semester for all full-time students enrolled at Blackfeet Community College. The elections will take place during the first month of attendance. The SSBCC President serves on the

Blackfeet Community College Board of Trustees for a term of one (1) year including the summer of that academic year. The student who is elected President must be currently enrolled full-time and maintain a 2.00 Grade Point Average (GPA) during the one-year term. The other elected seats (Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Student Representative) must serve a term of 2 semesters (Fall & Spring) of the academic year, and they must be a full-time student and maintain a GPA of 2.00 during their elected term. An advisor appointed through the Student Activities Director advises SSBCC.

Student Senate of Blackfeet Community College serve as the student governing body, advising student grievances, maintaining a clean environment in the Student Commons area, creating extracurricular activities for the student body, sponsoring social and academic clubs.

Student Senate of Blackfeet Community College meet twice a month to coordinate student activities. Students who want to become more involved in Blackfeet Community College should attend the scheduled SSBCC meetings and volunteer for committee work to enhance Blackfeet Community College social and academic activities on campus as well as in the community. Students may join any club of interest or work with SSBCC to start a project that will improve the college’s functions, academic materials, and environment.