"Remember Our Past, Build Our Future"
SouthWind Lodge

The Blackfeet Community College Math/Science Building (South Wind Lodge) provides 13,000 square feet of classrooms, labs, offices, study and support spaces in a facility designed to reflect Blackfeet cultural values and traditions.

These include responsible use of resources, respect for the earth and working with the local climate.

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President's Message

Dr. Billie Jo Kipp
Dr. Billie Jo Kipp
BCC President

The Blackfeet Tribe is traditionally known in the native language as the Pikuni, or Beings of abundance. The Creator gifted us generously and the Pikuni were rich in the necessities of life. Respect for life in all forms has traditionally been a foundation of the Blackfeet culture.

As Blackfeet, we not only love our children but we revere our elders, as well. We look to the older generations to pass down their extensive bodies of traditional knowledge. This traditional knowledge was preserved in the minds, spirit, and heart of the Amskapi Pikuni and it is important to remember that was passed down in the language given to them at the beginning of time. Blackfeet Community College embodies this wisdom and incorporates indigenous knowledge in the modern education of our Native scholars.

We here at Blackfeet Community College are pleased that you have made the choice to enroll as a tribal college student or are contemplating becoming one. Please, come visit the BCC campus and explore your educational options. In doing this, I can think of no better way for you to be accountable to our ancestors, for whom education has always been important. Through education we honorably follow in the footsteps of generations upon generations of Amskapi Pikuni.

Education was their vision, just as it is our vision for you today. The Blackfeet linguistic and cultural ways are old and they extend far back to creation. Such ways are good for you today as they provide the basis to progress in education. BCC is a cultural and educational tribal college that promotes learning, as well as a place that honors the tribal identities of the Blackfeet people. BCC is here to develop the potential of your mind and fulfill your dreams of an education. Welcome to a progressive tribal college…Blackfeet Community College.


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A research project at BCC in partnership with Kiksapa Consulting under NASA Cooperative Agreement NNX10AU65A


AIHEC 2014 Spring Student Conference


March 15-18, 2014
Holiday Inn
Billings, MT

BFCC Team Wins 2014 AIHEC National Chess Champions

chess club aihec national championsThe Blackfeet Community College Chess Team took first place in the 2014 AIHEC National Chess Championships.

Individual awards also include:
  • Joey Razo: 1st Place (Individual)

  • Clint NotAfraid: 3rd Place (Individual)

  • George Bostwick: Tied for 5th place (Individual)

  • Ryan LaForge

  • Dr. Mark C. Anderson: Chess coach for Blackfeet Community College and 2014 AIHEC National Chess Coach of the Year

All four team members received a team trophy along with a team chess jacket (2014 AIHEC National Chess Champions)

More on the 2014 AIHEC Chess Championship Results and additional photos
More information on the Critical Thinking/Chess Class
Biographical Information on Dr. Anderson

Mission Statement

The purpose of Blackfeet Community College is to provide the Blackfeet Nation and our "Universal Community" access to quality educational programs that prepare students for achievement in higher education, meaningful employment, basic skills instruction, and community education, while integrating the Blackfeet culture and language.

Mission Statement Goals

  1. Access - providing access to all members of the community's service district who desire education and training enabling them to pursue life-long educational opportunities.
  2. Achievement in higher education - providing opportunity for students to earn academic degrees and supporting their transfer to upper division higher education institutions.
  3. Meaningful employment - providing opportunity for students to earn degrees and certificates that would qualify them to gain meaningful employment.
  4. Basic skills - providing students with programs and courses that will increase their likelihood of academic success.
  5. Continuing education - providing the community with courses and programs that enrich community life and support line-long education.
  6. Integrating Blackfeet culture and language - providing programs and courses that sustain the past and promote the vitality of the Blackfeet Nation's future.

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