Student Registration Information

Registration Procedures – Each registering student will submit the following documentation and/or complete the following in order to enroll in classes at Blackfeet Community College:

  1. admissions_steps_smStudent Services – Pick up a registration form and course schedule.
  2. Advisor’s Office – New and Transfer students will be assigned an advisor when picking up assessment results. Former students who do not have an advisor will be assigned one when picking up the registration packet. Students are responsible for completing an education plan, which must be signed by the student and the advisor. Follow your program of study as outlined in the Academic Catalog.
  3. Registrar’s Office – The registration forms will be checked, incomplete registration forms will not be accepted, and if completed, then they will be entered into the computer. The Registrar keeps the white copy of the registration form. The registration is now official for the semester, and is a legal binding contract between the student and Blackfeet Community College.
  4. Financial Aid Office – Drop off the yellow copy of the registration form at the Financial Aid Office. Students receiving financial aid will complete Financial Aid requirements at this time. Students must turn in a copy of the education plan form, signed by student and advisor, to the Financial Aid Office for their student file.
  5. Business Office – Drop off forms, and assessment of fees. Students must turn in the pink copy of the registration form to the Billing Clerk. Arrangements for billing are made at this time.
  6. Bookstore – Pick up textbooks, by showing printed copy of class schedule received from the Registrar’s Office.