Admissions Policy

Blackfeet Community College has an open door policy.

It is the official policy of the Blackfeet Community College that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, disability, sex, religion, creed, national origin, or age, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education, program, activity, or employment. Blackfeet Community College complies with nondiscriminatory regulations under Title IX Educational Amendment of 1972, specifically prohibits discrimination in education programs and activities on the basis of sex. The regulation extends to employment by and admission to Blackfeet Community College (BCC).


Admissions is the process of applying and being accepted to Blackfeet Community College.

Anyone who is seventeen (17+) years of age and who either has a high school diploma or GED/HiSET certificate can submit an application for admissions.  *Exclusions dual-enrolled students see VIII. Admissions procedures section F.

The purpose of Blackfeet Community College is to provide the Blackfeet Nation and our “Universal Community” access to quality educational programs that prepare students for achievement in higher education, meaningful employment, basic skills instruction, and community education, while integrating the Blackfeet culture and language.

General Admission Requirements:

  1. STEP 1

In order to apply, a student must hold a diploma from an accredited high school or have earned a GED/HiSET equivalency

  1. STEP 2

Complete an Admissions application along with all the required documents.

  1. STEP 3

Turn in any additional documents such as transcripts from college/universities. Update any changes that may have occurred for continuing and returning students. The student self reports change of major, address, name change by utilizing a change of information form.

  1. STEP 4

Once Steps 1-3 are completed, an acceptance letter will be sent to the file and student.


  1. BCC Application for Admissions (complete each section)
  2. Application Fee $30 (Non–refundable one-time fee)
  3. Declaration of major form signed
  4. Official High School Transcripts and /or Official GED/HiSET scores
  5. Official College Transcripts from all Colleges you attended, even if no credit was earned
  6. Tribal Certification of Indian Blood (if you are an enrolled member or a descendent)
  7. Fill out First Time tuition waiver if you qualify
  8. Immunization Records
  • 1st MMR
  • 2nd MMR
  • TB Skin Test within last five years (exceptions for people born after January 1, 1957)
  1. Optional forms to be completed by all interested applicants
  • Special admissions application may be required for students seeking admissions in Nursing, Workforce, and 2+2 programs.

A hold will be placed in a student’s academic record if all documents are not in the file at the end of the first semester of enrollment.

Admissions Requirements

Anyone who is 18 years of age and who can benefit from Blackfeet Community College’s educational offerings and services can submit an application for admissions. New students, transfer students, and former Blackfeet Community College students should meet with the Admissions and Financial Aid Personnel in the initial phases of enrolling at Blackfeet Community College. Everyone is welcome without regards to race, color, sex, national origin, veteran status, disability, high school graduates, and those who are 18 years of age or older, and/or not obligated to attend public school. For more information see Admissions Criteria.

testingStudent Entrance Testing

New and transfer students with a 1.99 grade point average or lower, and former Blackfeet Community College Students returning after an absence of three years or more, are required to take an Assessment/ Placement Test before enrolling for classes at Blackfeet Community College. The result of this test is used to determine and recommend classes that are appropriate for that student’s skill level.

The results and suggestions will be given to the student prior to enrolling in classes. Blackfeet Community College offers classes in academic study skills, writing, math and similar classes, to enhance and encourage the student’s success at Blackfeet Community College.

Student Orientation

New, transfer, and former Blackfeet Community College Students returning after an absence of two years or more should attend student orientation, this benefits the student by providing information on admissions and registration procedures, academic advising, available campus services, and a guided tour of the Blackfeet Community College campus.

Student Files

All new, transfer, and former students must have a complete student file in compliance with the U.S. Department of Education before enrolling in classes at Blackfeet Community College.

Student Records

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) A student may inspect and review all records, files, and data with the registrar or an academic advisor, but may not remove any information that has been placed on his/her permanent file. It is the responsibility of the student to report any change of name, address, telephone number or other relevant information. Failure to do so may impede the process of obtaining grades and/or transcripts or PELL payout. FERPA Information can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

Student Registration Information

Registration Procedures – Each registering student will submit the following documentation and/or complete the following in order to enroll in classes at Blackfeet Community College:

  1. admissions_steps_smStudent Services – Pick up a registration form and course schedule.
  2. Advisor’s Office – New and Transfer students will be assigned an advisor when picking up assessment results. Former students who do not have an advisor will be assigned one when picking up the registration packet. Students are responsible for completing an education plan, which must be signed by the student and the advisor. Follow your program of study as outlined in the Academic Catalog.
  3. Registrar’s Office – The registration forms will be checked, incomplete registration forms will not be accepted, and if completed, then they will be entered into the computer. The Registrar keeps the white copy of the registration form. The registration is now official for the semester, and is a legal binding contract between the student and Blackfeet Community College.
  4. Financial Aid Office – Drop off the yellow copy of the registration form at the Financial Aid Office. Students receiving financial aid will complete Financial Aid requirements at this time. Students must turn in a copy of the education plan form, signed by student and advisor, to the Financial Aid Office for their student file.
  5. Business Office – Drop off forms, and assessment of fees. Students must turn in the pink copy of the registration form to the Billing Clerk. Arrangements for billing are made at this time.
  6. Bookstore – Pick up textbooks, by showing printed copy of class schedule received from the Registrar’s Office.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard

satisfactory_academic_standardsStudents are expected to maintain certain academic standards and make satisfactory progress toward a degree objective. This requires the Financial Aid Office to determine that all applicants are eligible for financial assistance based on their prior academic records, whether or not they ever received financial aid. In accordance with Federal policy, Blackfeet Community College has established a policy to define and administer standards of academic progress for all students. The explanation of financial aid satisfactory progress standards, including the appeal and reinstatement process, is as follows:


The following table is the minimum grade point average that is expected of each student to be in academic good standing. Standards of academic progress are based on a cumulative GPA. Also, to meet the quantitative satisfactory progress, students must complete the minimum number of credits listed below in order to maintain satisfactory progress.

Semester Minimum Quantitative
0-20 1.75 20 semester credits must be earned after attending two semesters
21-40 1.90 40 semester credits must be earned after attending two semesters
41-60 2.00 60 semester credits must be earned after attending two semesters

As a general guide the completion percentage each year is as follows:

  • 1st year upon completion of two semesters: 33%
  • 2nd year upon completion of two semesters: 67%
  • 3rd year upon completion of two semesters: 100%

All students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 in order to graduate in a degree or certificate program.

In addition to the minimum grade point average requirement, all students must successfully complete the quantitative satisfactory progress # of credits as listed above each semester in order to be in good academic standing.

NOTE: At the end of each semester, the Registrar’s Office shall submit a copy of student grades to the Financial Aid Office. Successful completion of a course requires a grade of “D” or better. Grades of “F”, “W”, “INC” (Incomplete), or drop do not constitute successful completion of a course at Blackfeet Community College.


If a student fails to meet the minimum grade point average or quantitative satisfactory progress of completion of 20 credits in two semesters, 40 credits in four semesters or 60 credits in six semesters, he/she will be placed on financial aid probation. Students placed on probation will be notified in writing by the Financial Aid Department.

Probation is an academic warning to the student that they need to seek assistance either through counseling or academic support in order to get back in good academic standing. It is recommended that a student on probation take a reduced number of credits each semester until he/she is back in good academic standing.


A student that has not met the minimum grade point average requirements or the above number of completion ratio for two consecutive semesters will be academically suspended from the college and ineligible for financial aid.

A student on academic suspension must stop out for one full semester. The stop out semester must be during the academic year. The summer terms do not count as a stop out period.

A student may return to the college after he/she has met the one stop out semester. To be reinstated to the college, the student must complete and submit an application for re-admission. The student will be re-admitted to the college on academic probation. The reason for the academic probation status is to serve as a warning to the student that he/she must improve academically and to allow the college to give additional academic support to the student. The student will be required to enroll in a reduced number of credits for the first semester back from academic suspension.

Satisfactory Progress

To accurately measure a student’s progress in a program, the satisfactory progress policy must have a quantitative measure as well as a qualitative. All students are expected to complete their degree or certificate objective within the standards described below:

  • Associate Degree – Six (6) Semesters
  • One-year Certificate – Three (3) Semesters


The following information must be provided in order for the evaluation process to be completed:

  • A letter from the student to the financial aid committee stating the reason why you are appealing, i.e., credit max, academic suspension, special circumstances. If special circumstances, the student will need to provide supporting back up documentation such as doctors statement, etc.
  • For appealing credit max, students need to meet with their advisor and state exactly what classes are needed and how many credits are needed for graduation. These need to be included on planner.
  • It is the students responsibility to provide the planner, transcript, and letter to a counselor for review.
  • Each appeal must have a transcript and student planner attached to the letter of appeal.
  • Turn in to the Financial Aid Office in the Student Services Department.
  • The letter, transcripts, and planner will be evaluated by BCC counselors and presented to the committee for review.
  • Deadline for appeal is by the end of the 3rd week of the beginning of the semester.
  • Also include an application for graduation showing number of credits needed to graduate.

NOTE: Only (1) appeal is allowed in a two (2) year period. Incomplete appeals will not be considered.

Transfer to other Colleges/Universities

Articulation (transfer) agreements currently exist between Blackfeet Community College and the Montana University System and other colleges within the state. Students should contact Academic Enrichment Services (AES), or Educational Opportunity Center (EOS) for transfer information and to contact the admissions office of the institution to which they plan to transfer for specific guidelines on transfer.

Graduation Information

The deadline for submitting a graduation application for the Fall Semester is November 15th and for the Spring Semester is January 15.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a graduation application form from the Registrar’s Office. The application & transcript evaluation are to be completed by the student and his/her advisor; they must work together to ensure the requirements for graduation are met. The completed form must then be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the deadline.

Students who have completed all requirements for their program of study may participate in the May ceremony. All course requirements are outlined in the BCC Program’s of Study section. Commencement exercises formally recognize students who have fulfilled the requirements for an associate degree and/or a certificate.

The following requirements must be met for graduation:

  • A minimum cumulative grade of “C” must be earned in all courses required by the program of study and the general core requirement
  • All degree or certificate course requirements must be met
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours must be earned at Blackfeet Community College