Student Rights and Responsibilities

Blackfeet Community College is committed to the creation of an environment wholly supportive of students’ academic and personal achievements. Beyond providing requisite academic resources and support services. BCC seeks to sustain an environment in which the diverse cultural traditions and ideals represented in both the campus community and the nation at large are valued, nurtured, and promoted. In so doing, the BCC fulfills its mandate to prepare students to participate actively and productively in our larger society. The right to participate in all aspects of the BCC experience, both in and outside the classroom, without harassment or discrimination on the basis of religion, age, gender, disability, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Blackfeet Community College welcomes all students to apply for admissions and to enroll for the purpose of training and study. With course enrollment, the student accepts all rights and responsibilities as Blackfeet Community College students.

Student Rights

  • Right to a quality educational environment, that allows learning and growth to take place.
  • Right to participation in decision-making and matters effecting their educational programs.
  • Right to freedom of speech and expression, including expressions concerning areas and length of hair, as long as the expression does not disrupt the educational process, classrooms, or impose upon the rights of others.
    Right to freedom of religion and culture.
  • Right to respect and fair treatment from fellow students and Blackfeet Community College faculty, staff and administration.
  • Right to have transcripts mailed out upon written request, provided there are no outstanding statements.
  • Right to freedom from harassment based on gender.
  • Right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure of person or property.
  • Right to a reasonable degree of privacy.
  • Right to freedom from discrimination.
  • Right to a grievance procedure and process.
  • Right of due process in every instance of alleged violation of school policies which results in the student’s suspension or withdrawal from school, this right is also extended to any other disciplinary action.

Student Responsibilities

  • To abide by the rules, acceptable student conduct, regulations & policies of BCC.
  • To treat BCC staff, facilities, equipment and other students with courtesy and respect.
  • To complete the requirements for the classes enrolled in each semester.
  • To uphold the school’s standard of conduct relating to academic honesty.
  • To assume full responsibility for the content and integrity of the academic work they submit.
  • Respecting the guiding principle of academic integrity, each student’s submitted homework, examinations, reports, and projects must be their own.

    Standards of Student Conduct

With the freedom that these rights afford comes the responsibility to conduct oneself with civility and respect toward the rights of others. It is also the responsibility of all those given these rights to protect and preserve them for others, so that with vigilance we may move closer to the ideals that these rights promise. With this obligation, which is an extension of the student’s responsibility to observe the law of the land, is an essential effect to participation in the academic rights afforded to members of the campus.