Office of the Registrar

The office of the Registrar supports the College’s academic mission and is responsible for maintaining the official academic records for students attending BCC. The office administers academic services by providing transcripts, letters of certification, registration for classes, course schedule changes, course closures, drop/adds, course withdrawals, instructor withdrawals and general academic information. The office is responsible for commencement and institutional reporting. The office ensures integrity, confidentiality, and security of student records in 31 compliance with FERPA regulations.

Classification of students:

  • Full-time students: registered for 12 or more credits of study per semester
  • Three quarter time students: registered for 9 credits per semester
  • Half-time students: registered for 6 credits of study per semester
  • Part-time students: registered for fewer than 1-5credits of study per semester
  • Freshman students are those having earned up to 30 credits
  • Sophomore students are those having earned 31 or more credits
  • First time – first-year students have never attended college/university
  • Continuing students are those who were enrolled at Blackfeet Community College during the previous semester
  • Returning students are those who have attended Blackfeet Community College before the previous semester
  • Transfer students are those who have attended another institution prior to applying to Blackfeet Community College.
  • Former students are those who have attended Blackfeet Community College over five or more years prior to the current semester

Course cancellation

To continue on an academically and economically sound basis, Blackfeet Community College reserves the right to cancel a scheduled course when enrollment is six (6) students or less.


A credit is a unit by which Blackfeet Community College quantitatively measures its courses. The number of credits assigned to a course is determined by the number of in-class hours per week, exclusive of laboratory sessions and the number of weeks in the session. One credit is equivalent to 15 hours of class throughout the semester. Students are also expected and encouraged to spend two hours of study for every hour in class.


Courses may be added or dropped after registration within the time period allowed. See academic calendar for specific dates. A drop/add form is available at Student Services and the form must be completed and returned to the Registrar’s Office for processing. The student, the instructor, and the student’s advisor must sign the drop/add forms. If the class is dropped after the deadline, a grade of “W” will appear on the student’s transcript, which may affect the student’s financial aid.


Family Education Rights & Privacy Act is a federal law that protects the privacy of a student’s education records. Academic records from the student’s educational file cannot be released to anyone without prior written consent of the student. Students who wish to complete a release of information form which authorizes another individual to act on their behalf must see the Registrar’s Office for the form. This form is in effect for one academic year.


Add Drop Form

Change Information

Transcript Request Form

Please download and email forms to the registrars office:


Grade Point

Letter grades are assigned a specific number of grade points per credit. Note: The only way to make up an “F” grade is by repeating the course. Grades of D, F, I, W and AU may affect a student’s funding please see financial aid for further information.

Grade Point Chart

Graduation and Commencement Requirements

  • Graduation applications are initiated with the student and their advisor, once completed they are then submitted to the Registrar. See the academic calendar for deadlines. After the Registrar reviews the graduation application, students who will be graduating are notified of further procedures for commencement.
  • In order to graduate, the student must complete the following requirements:
  • Student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • A minimum grade of “C” must be earned in all courses required by the program of study and the general core requirements.
  • All degree or certificate courses required must be met.
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours must be earned at Blackfeet Community College
  • All substitutions/waivers forms must be attached to the graduation application, with all required signatures
  • The deadline for submitting a graduation application for the Fall Semester is September 14th and spring is February 4th.
  • Degrees are conferred at the end of the term in which degree requirements are met.


Occurs at the end of each spring term as published in the Catalog. Students who have completed all requirements for their program of study may participate in the commencement exercise.


A Semester is a fifteen-week period of study.


A transcript is a complete academic record of a student’s work. The official BCC transcript bears the signature of the Registrar and the seal of Blackfeet Community College. Transcripts will not be released until all college admissions and financial aid obligation have been met. BCC transcripts may be withheld from any student who owes tuition and fees to BCC.

The student will go to the business office and pay for their unofficial and/or official transcript the business office will have the student complete a Request for Transcript form, once the form is completed, the student will bring the form to the Registrar’s office for processing. Transcripts are processed at 1:30 pm daily and are available for pick up after 2:30 pm. Students will sign the Request for Transcript 35

form as the person picking up the transcript.

Transcript Fees

Unofficial: $2.00

Official: $5.00

Macro Fax Fee: $10.00

If a student authorizes someone other than themselves to pick up the transcript they need to leave a handwritten letter authorizing whomever will pick up the transcript.

The transcript will be placed in an envelope and a seal placed on it and given to the authorized individual. This individual will sign the Request for Transcript form as the person receiving the transcript.

Students have the option to request the Registrar’s office to mail their transcript. If the student wants the transcript mailed, they must indicate that on the Request for Transcript form, by completing the mail to section

Transfer credits

Credits are transferable to other institutions of higher education, depending on the institution’s transfer policy. Transfer evaluation occurs with the Registrar’s Office and the Division Chair/Advisor of the program of study.

Please note the following:

Courses being transferred into BCC must be from a regionally accredited institution

Only courses with a “C” grade or above can be transferred into BCC

Transfer courses are not included in the grade point average (GPA) of the student at BCC

A minimum of 15 credits of a certificate and 30 credits if an associate degree must be earned at BCC prior to graduation

As with any other institution of higher education, BCC reserves the right to determine courses for transfer into the college

Transfer to Blackfeet Community College

Students who are transferring from another college to Blackfeet Community College must have all official transcripts of previous college’s they have attended be sent to the Admission’s Office. These credits will be evaluated by the Registrar and Department Chair of the program that the student is enrolled in.

Students completing all 100 level and 200 level courses with a “C” grade or better may apply up to thirty (30) semester credits toward a degree at BCC.

These transfer credits must align with the specific program of study and BCC reserves the right to determine courses for transfer in the college. All transfer students who transfer with a 1.99 grade point average or lower; and former BCC students returning after an absence of five or more years, are required to take the Assessment/Placement Test before registering for courses.

Transfer to other colleges/universities

Articulation (transfer) agreements currently exist between BCC and the Montana University System and other colleges within the state of Montana. Students should contact Academic Enrichment Services (AES) or a Student Success Counselor for the transfer information and/or contact the admissions office of the institution to which student plans to transfer for specific guidelines.


There are four types of withdrawals:

Withdrawal from course:

Students may drop a course up to the 15th day of classes without a grade. After the 15th day, a student may withdraw from a course and receive a grade of “W” on their transcript. If the student does not officially withdraw, a grade of “F” will be recorded.

Total Withdrawal:

Students may withdraw from BCC by completing the Total Withdraw form that can be obtained at Student Services. After the end of the thirteenth (13) week of classes, students are not allowed to withdraw from school.

After the 13th week of classes, a student must submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form. A decision will be made within 2 business days and the student will be notified of that decision.

Extenuating circumstance claims will be considered where your performance has been impaired and the circumstances are beyond your control. Where you could not predict what would happen, or which has seriously affected your ability to study or complete your school work.

Such circumstances include accidents, severe illness, death, self-hospitalization, severe illness of life partner, family bereavement, diagnosed mental health problems, or other events of comparable circumstance.

Instructor Withdrawal:

Instructors may withdraw a student from their course after the student has missed a predetermined amount of class time.

Administrative Withdrawal:

Students may be withdrawn for extenuating circumstances. These withdrawals are approved by the Provost.

Note: For those students receiving financial aid, their financial aid funding may be affected by these withdrawals.


The Registrar has the right to change its policies and procedures at any time during the period this publication is in effect. Policy and procedures can be found in the registrar’s office.

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