Please join us as our elder’s dialogue in the Blackfoot language. All dialects of the Blackfoot people will be represented.

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Chief Earl Old Person – Amskapi Piikani (Southern Piegan)

Blackfeet name – Cold Wind (Stu Sapoo) and Cold Wind or Charging Home (Ahka Pa Ka Pee), is the chief of the Amskapi Piikani (Southern Piegan). Chief EarlOld Person became a member of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council in 1954 and served as tribal chairman from 1964 to 2008. He has also served as president of the National Congress of American Indians.

Eldon Weasel Child – Siksika (Blackfoot)

Served as a member of Siksika Council for 22 years in total, as well as 33 years on various boards, commissions, and tribunals. As a lead negotiator and/or team member, he had many successful achievements with the teams Eldon worked with. Primary knowledge strength is Siksika Culture and history, which serves me well in the various capacities of consultant work he engages in. Being a fluent speaker and writer in both Blackfoot and English brings an advantage that greatly enhances creative capacity. As a former teacher, cross cultural training, leadership (both traditional and contemporary) training, job readiness and motivational training are some of the sessions that he provides.

Leonard Weasel Traveller – Apatohsi Piikani (Northern Piegan)

Traditional Knowledge Keeper/Consultant for Indigenous Child and Family Services, Alberta Government for the past 20 years
– Former Councillor and Head Chief North Piikani Nation – approximately 20 years

Mike Bruised Head – Kainawa (Blood).

Mike Bruised Head (or in the Blackfoot language, Ninna Piksii) serves on the Blood Tribe Council and acts as Chairman of the Kainai Ecological Protection Agency (KEPA). From 1994 – 2011, Mike was employed with the Kainai Board of Education as a high school teacher, vice principal, and high school principal. He has presented papers on Indigenous topics at several World Indigenous People’s Conferences on Education, including those in Australia, Hawaii, and Peru. Mike has participated in cultural and environment documentaries, as well as many Blackfoot ceremonies. He speaks fluent Blackfoot. Mike received his BA/B.ED from the University of Lethbridge and his Masters from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.