Fall 2020 Presidents List

Letter from the President

Dear Blackfeet Community College Students, Congratulations! In recognition of your academic achievement for the Fall 2020 semester, you have been placed on the Blackfeet Community College President’s List!

The President’s List honors full-time students who have received a term grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Blackfeet Community College’s staff and faculty applaud your commitment to excellence.

We understand that the Fall 2020 semester was a very trying time for students. With your hard work and perseverance, you have completed a significant achievement.

We trust the success you have achieved thus far will become the foundation for even greater accomplishments in the future.

Sincere congratulations on your hard-earned success.


Karla Bird, Ed.D.
Blackfeet Community College

4.0 Grade Point Average

Jacob I Augare
Amanda K Barbe
Anita Barrera
Jennifer L Biegler
Jocelyn BigThroat
Shainell R BirdRattler
Georgia Ann Bremner
Kelsie M Burns
Pedro Chavez-Camarillo
Kenneth Cook
Samatha Margaret Cox
Margaret N Crawford
Domaneek J Crossguns
Launna CrowChief
ShayAnna M England
April Espinoza
Kendra EverybodyTalksAbout
Christie M Farmer
Dontae J Fox
Benedict H Gallagher-Horn
Steve N Gallineaux
Rocky J Gilham-Dubray
Jacob M Glaze
Gregory J Hall
Ryana D HeavyRunner
Shane C HeavyRunner
Shawna R Illig
Traylyn R Kennerly
Monica Lea Kipling
Rendi Jo Paige MadPlume
Octavia E Mancha
Brittney L McLean
Catherine Louise Mclean
Derrick M Meineke
Jacalynn R Monroe
Chalina OldChief
Monique M Rivas
Nina E Rock
Kaitlyn Sharp
Joshua C Shooter
Angela Tatsey-McKay
Jacelyn R Vaile
Jhett Valandra
Connie M Wagner
Terry Whitcomb
Dennis WhiteQuills
Gwynne E WhiteQuills
Jaelynn C YoungRunningCrane

3.5-3.9 Grade Point Average

Neola BearMedicine
Danielle R Boggs
Montana Sky Bremner
Tomi Marie CalfRobe
Miranda R Carlson
Brooke K. Carlson
Ramona D Croff
Kara Ann DeRoche
Anita L DeRoche
Marti Cheyenne Eaglefeathers
Brantlee D Fish
Marquelle J Fitzgerald
Bobbi J Flamond
Kaelee Dawn Marie Grant
Loni L Grant
Amy Grant
Chase M Hall
Morgan D Harrison-Woolf
Te’Ayres Leighanne James
Edward M Kennedy
Jacey L LazyBoy
Courtney M LittleDog
Jasmine J LittlePlume
Jocee Racee Louis
Sierra C. Mason
Mykayla R McKay
Jenna M Murray
Tashina Rae Nomee
Shawn D OldChief
Courtney T. OldChief
Jessyca L. Ollinger
Lia Rattler
Mary Elizabeth Sanderville
Emma Jo Scott
Mialyn Spoonhunter
Thelma Delphine Wall
Holi A. Weatherwax
Tylee J Wellman
Corrine E Whitcomb
Vanessa M WhiteGrass
Chastedy Williamson-Tatsey
Shaunell Wippert