How you can help

Contribute to BCC

Your contribution helps Blackfeet Community College to provide the Blackfeet Nation and our “universal community” access to quality educational programs that prepare students for achievement in higher education, meaningful employment, basic skills instruction, and community education while integrating the Blackfeet culture and language.


Help deserving students attend Blackfeet Community College through scholarships, fellowships, and more. Your support helps make BCC accessible to a greater proportion of students and ensures students who come toBCC graduate. With your help, our students can focus more on their goals and achieving their future.

Nursing Program

The Nursing program at BCC was established to answer a call for more nurses in our community. Your donation supports driven BCC students who wish to graduate from the program as well as supports BCC in providing the best education and resources to help them achieve their goals.


Tsi-ksi-ka-ta-pi-wa-tsin –Blackfeet Way of Knowing: Blackfeet culture/spirituality in philosophy, thought, and action. By donating to our cultural cause, your helping BCC promote our Blackfeet Way of Knowing.  Ensuring our students and community stay connected to the Piikani language, culture, and traditions.

Medicine Spring Library

Medicine Spring Library holds three functions, an academic library, a community library for the Blackfeet Reservation, and the Blackfeet Archives. Funding for the library comes primarily from the tribal college, along with grant funds for specific projects, such as the digitization project in progress. Library donations are used to purchase books from Native American authors, graphic novels, children’s books, and other popular reading materials. Donations also fund materials for public programming, such as art programs, children’s movie nights, community lectures, the annual art show, and other types of community outreach.