Fall 2020 Student Information

Greetings, in our effort to prioritize the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff, BCC has transitioned to an online process. BCC must maintain adherence to the BTBC Incident Command COVID-19 restrictions.  We wish you the best of luck this semester and look forward to seeing you in class!

Division of Human Services: Ilona Vaile, email: Ilona@bfcc.edu or ext 2234

  • AA – Addiction Studies
  • AA – Behavioral Health Aid (build your own)
  • AA – Psychology
  • AA – Social Work
  • AS – Criminal Justice Legal Studies
  • Certificate: Behavioral Health Aide
  • Certificate: Blackfeet Legal Studies

Division of Humanities: Jeremiah Kennedy, email: jeremiah.k@bfcc.edu or ext 2286

  • AA – Liberal Studies
  • AA – Piikani Studies and Language

School of Nursing: Shaunell Wippert, email: Shaunell.w@bfcc.edu or ext 2915

  • AS – Nursing/ASN

Division of Business & Information Technology: Rose Gobert, email: rose.g@bfcc.edu or ext 2608

  • AS – Accounting
  • AS Business Management
  • Certificate: Records Information Management

Division of Education: Valerie Monroe, email: valerie.m@bfcc.edu or ext 2912

  • AS – Elementary Education
  • AAS – Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate: Early Childhood Development

Division of Math/Science: Crystal Old Chief, email: crystal@bfcc.edu or ext 2812

  • AS – Environmental Studies
  • AS – Health Science
  • AS – Hydrology Technician
  • AS – Pre-Engineering
  • Certificate: Geographical Information Systems
  • Certificate: Hydrology Technician Aide

General Student Information:


  • Gerald Last Star will be coordinating tutoring.
  • Students email or call Gerald for the tutoring schedule.

If you have any questions, please call Gerald at 406-338-5421 ext 2242 or email him at gerald.l@bfcc.edu


Karen Davis

  • Students will need to contact Karen Davis. You can call, if there is no answer, leave your name and contact number and your call will be returned. If you want, you can send Karen an email and she will reply with an appointment time.
  • Students must Self-disclose to the Disabilities Coordinator or are directed to the Disabilities Coordinator for services.
  • After initial meeting with Disabilities Coordinator, students will need to submit the required documents. Students can drop them off at the BPL South Door (main entrance), there will be confidential (red) envelopes there for you to place your documents in.
  • Students will be required to complete the application for Vocational Rehabilitation services. Completed applications can be mailed to Karen, scanned and emailed to her, or dropped off.
  • The Disabilities Coordinator will make a referral to Blackfeet Voc-Rehab as needed. She will notify students when this process is complete.

If you have any questions, please call Karen Davis at 406-338-5421 ext 2233 or email her at kdavis@bfcc.edu

Student Activities

  • Digital student activities are being planned for the students.
  • Please watch your email and the various BCC facebook pages for more information and the student activities calendar.

If you have any questions, please call Daisy Gilham-Louis at 406-338-5421 ext 2232 or email her at dlouis@bfcc.edu

Student Counseling Services

  • Linda Sue Racine will coordinate the student counseling services. She can be contacted at linda_sue@bfcc.edu , or you can call 406-338-5421, ext 2265, 406-338-3396, or 406- 845-5253. If no answer, please leave your name and a number and your call will be returned.
  • Counselors will be assigned to students and work with them throughout the semester.
  • Division Chairs/Faculty will make referrals for students who are missing classes, falling behind in their studies, etc. and students will be contacted.
  • If the instructor would like a conference call the counselor will set that up.

If you need assistance, please reach out to your counselor or Linda Sue for assistance.

If you have any questions, please call Linda Sue or email her.