Tribal Advocate

Tribal Advocate

The Tribal Advocate 1-Year Certificate is designed to prepare students for a career as a tribal advocate. Students will develop the skills necessary to do legal research and writing; gain an understanding of the basics of federal, state, and tribal law; gain an understanding of Native American legal issues; and develop an awareness of Blackfeet cultural history. Also, students will study the Blackfeet Tribal Code to help them prepare them to pass the tribal bar exam. This curriculum is designed to preserve the cultural tradition and heritage of the Blackfeet People relative to Human Services by integration of traditional concepts in the course of study. Gainful Employment Disclosure 

The Learning Outcomes are as follows:

• To develop knowledge and skills related to tribal advocacy.

• To develop effective written and verbal skills to accurately and appropriately read and convey information.

• To apply knowledge and skills critically in the context of living and/or providing tribal advocacy services, specifically as it relates to tribal law and tribal courts.

Students in the Tribal Advocate 1-Year Certificate Program are required to complete the following courses:

Total ALL credits to be completed by student for certificate 30
CORE 1Foundation Studies6 credits Required
Course #Course TitleCredits
TCC 1011st Year Seminar3
CJUS 189Legal Research and Writing3
Core 2Piikani Studies3 credits Required
Course #Course TitleCredits
NASX 221Federal Indian Law and Policy3
Core 4Math3 Credits Required
Course #Course TitleCredits
AnyAny Math Course3
Core 5Social &
Behavior Science
3 Credits Required
Course #Course TitleCredits
CJUS 101Introduction to Law3
Core 7Tribal Advocate Requirements15 Credits Required
Course #Course TitleCredits
CJUS 120Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies3
CJUST 140Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure3
CJUS 180Blackfeet Tribal Code3
CJUS 298Law internship3
CJUS 200Alternative Dispute Resolution3
Total Core 7 credits to be completed by student 15
Total Core 1-5 credits to be completed by student 15