Terms of Service

This web site is published for your information only, and every effort is undertaken to insure accuracy. However, this web site is not an irrevocable contract between the student and Blackfeet Community College. This web site is published as a guide for students, faculty and others interested in the institution. Students are expected to be familiar with all college regulations or any amendment to or modifications thereof.

Blackfeet Community College reserves the right to change the regulations and to add or withdraw courses at any time. The institution, with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees, also reserves the right to add or withdraw degree programs and to change fees at any time. Effective dates of change will be determined by the proper authorities and shall apply to prospective students and to those who are already enrolled.

Blackfeet Community College places full responsibility upon the students for registering for the proper courses and for fulfilling all requirements for a degree as set forth in this web site, as amended from time to time. No agent or employee of the college has the authority to warrant graduation, the attainment of any type of license, or attainment of any other career goal. The institution does not accept any responsibility for delays in graduation or attainment of career goals resulting from errors in registration, canceled courses, time schedule changes, changes in degree requirements or similar related changes; or for errors resulting from consultation with and reliance upon information acquired from any college employee. Advisor’s signatures on registration drop/add, or similar forms do not necessarily indicate an agreement with or approval of the student’s choices of courses nor may they be construed in any way as a warranty that the student’s choice of courses is sufficient for graduation or attainment of any career goals.