Student Code of Conduct

Fundamental to the achievement of community among the members of the Blackfeet Community College is the recognition by all such members that each shares a responsibility to observe BCC regulations. This obligation, which is an extension of the student’s responsibility to observe the law of the land, is an essential effect to participation in the academic rights afforded to members of the BCC. The following statement of policy and procedure is known as the BCC Student Conduct Code.

The following are some of the offenses outlined, but not limited to, which can lead to serious disciplinary action, including probation, suspension or expulsion from Blackfeet Community College:

    • Dishonesty, such as cheating, plagiarism or knowingly furnishing false information to the college and/or in the classroom.
    • Forgery, alteration or misuse of college documents, computer programs or accounts, or records or identification.
    • Obstruction of disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures or other college activities; or of any other authorized activities on the college premises. Such obstruction or disruption (whether involving individual or group conduct; whether taking the form of force, trespass, seizure, occupation or obstruction of buildings, facilities or property; or the inciting of others to any disruptive conduct) is directly opposed to academic freedom and the mission statement of Blackfeet Community College.
    • Physical or verbal abuse of any person on college-owned or controlled property, or at college-sponsored functions, or conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any such person.
    • Theft of, or damage to the property of the college, any member of the college community, or campus visitor.
      Storage or possession on campus of chemicals or materials or devices which by themselves or when in combination could be explosive, toxic, flammable, or dangerous, except as required in scientific research in faculty supervised laboratories.
    • Unauthorized entry or use of occupancy of college facilities.
    • Violation of college policies, rules or regulations concerning student organization; the use of college facilities; or the time, place and manner of meetings on college owned or controlled property.
    • Use, sale, or possession of various drugs that are deemed illegal under federal, state, and tribal laws, except as those expressly permitted by law.
    • Use, sale, or possession of intoxicating alcohol is prohibited in the buildings, at campus functions, during college sponsored events, and on the grounds or use of BCC equipment.
    • Disorderly, lewd, indecent or obscene conduct or expression on college-owned or controlled property, or at college-sponsored functions.
    • Failure to comply with directions of college officials, who are acting in the performance of their duties.
      Individual students who owed the college fees and other charges are not permitted to secure transcripts o records, degree(s), certificate(s), and grades until fees/charges are paid or satisfactorily adjusted.
    • Sexual harassment of students by faculty, staff, administration, or to other students.
    • Verbal, emotional, or physical abuse of faculty, staff, administration or to other students.

The BCC finds the following categories of violations extremely serious:

    • Rape, acquaintance (date) rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse.
    • Endangering mental or physical health of other students/staff/faculty.
    • Physical assaults resulting in injury requiring medical attention.
    • Discriminatory or bias-related acts of assault or abuse.
    • Brandishing, threatening or inuring with a weapon (for example, knives, firearms, pellet or bb guns, air pistols/rifles, chukka sticks, fireworks or explosives).
    • Attempts to set or intentionally setting fires that may result in damage or injury.
    • False fire alarms or acts that undermine safety/security equipment of systems.
    • Sales or possession of a saleable quantity of illegal drugs as defined by law.
    • Violations of the campus alcohol policy that result in injury, damage to property, or undermine the safety and security of the campus.
    • Theft of property that exceeds $500.00 in value and/or intentional damage to property resulting in repair or replacement costs in excess of $500.00.
    • Any unauthorized use of a master or control key.

Unauthorized use of computing and network facilities.


Violation of Expressed Prohibitions

Any individual who violates the following expressed prohibitions may be subject to arrest and conviction under applicable tribal, state and federal laws. Students violating these expressed prohibitions may be subject to disciplinary action as set forth by the Blackfeet Community College Student Conduct Code (see Blackfeet Community College Student Handbook), including possible sanction by suspension or dismissal from Blackfeet Community College.

Drug/Alcohol Free Campus

The use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited on the campus of Blackfeet Community College and at all college-related activities.


Firearms, weapons and/or fireworks of any type are not allowed on the Blackfeet Community College Campus at any time.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Blackfeet Community College’s Sexual Harassment Policy forbids sexual harassment of any member of the college community. The complete policy is on file in the President’s office.