Blackfeet 2020

Blackfeet 2020

Blackfeet 2020 campaign

Blackfeet 2020 is using the power of crowdfunding to start the transformation of Blackfeet Community College from a 2-year to the first, non-government funded 4-year tribal college in American History.  The full transformation would take $5 million, so we are starting with this ask of $202,520 (tax deductible) to get accreditation and to graduate one, exemplary student, Danielle Antelope. She is the spearhead of this effort that will offer more opportunities to its people. And in turn, those people will provide more opportunities for the entire tribe. Blackfeet Community College’s curriculum already brings the Pikuni culture, language and knowledge into its associate’s degree programs. As Blackfeet Community College (BCC) advances, so does its potential to disrupt how and what we all teach and learn.

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