Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2017-18 Tuition and Fee Schedule



Additional Fees

All additional Fees will be posted in the current class schedule each semester.
Admission Fee$30
Lab FeeVaries by course
Transcript Fee$2
Drop/Add Fee (after drop/add date) $5
Online/Hybrid Fee$35
ID Card Fee (1st ID Free)$5
Nursing Program Fee (per Semester)$350

Extra Fees per Semester

Some courses have additional fees. These fees vary. All additional fees will be posted on the current semester schedule.

Blackfeet Community College Online Course Fees and other Costs

Blackfeet Community College will assess fees to distance learning courses for the sustainability of the program. The Fee schedule is as follows:

  • A fully online course is one that all material is delivered totally in the online environment; no face-to-face interaction is required. The student is assessed a fee of $35.00 per semester credit. The total cost for a three (3) credit course would be $105.00 and will be noted as a distance learning fee on the student’s bill.
  • A hybrid online course is one where material is delivered over two mediums: online and face-to-face. Students will be assessed a fee of $17.50 per semester credit. The total cost for a three (3) credit course would be $52.50 and will be noted as a distance learning fee on the student’s bill.

Refund and Repayment Policy

Students who withdraw before the first day of class will receive a 100% refund, minus the registration fee. Students receiving financial aid will not receive refunds until funds representing financial aid awards have been applied back to their respective accounts. Students paying their own tuition and fees will receive the refund directly.

Students are responsible for paying any past due tuition and fees. Billing statements are available from the Student Billing Clerk in the Business Office. Any tuition and fees owed to Blackfeet Community College will result in a hold on all grades, transcripts, certificates, and diplomas until the amount owed is paid. Students may make payment arrangements and/or authorize payment to be withheld from PELL grants. Blackfeet Community College has the right to apply all other scholarships to past due amounts owed. Students who owe past due tuition and fees and who have not made payment arrangements or have not complied with payment arrangements will not be allowed to enroll at Blackfeet Community College.

Refunds will be made in the following order:

  1. Federal Pell Grant Program
  2. Federal SEOG Program
  3. Other Title IV Programs; and to the student

The registration fee is nonrefundable.

All other refunds are made according to the following schedule:

  • Before first day of class 100%
  • First week of class (day 1-5) 80%
  • Second week of class (day 6-10) 60%
  • Third week of class (day 11-15) 30%
  • Fourth week or later none

See the Student Billing Clerk in the Business Office for refund/repayment procedures.