Workforce Trades Division

workforce-divisionThe Workforce Development Department is a very unique department that consists of certificate programs, short term trainings, and degree programs. The department works with many organizations on the Blackfeet Reservation that includes the local high schools in offering dual enrollment for the high school students.

The department is responsible for providing our students with the opportunity to earn degrees and certification in specific areas that would qualify them to gain meaningful employment. Our unique department offers a range of programs and degrees in a regular class schedule or block scheduling with a cohort delivery approach which has been very successful for Blackfeet Community College.

Mission and Goals

The mission and goals of the Workforce Development Department is to offer certificate programs and short term trainings at Blackfeet Community College. The programs are designed to provide students with specific job skills and assist in the various job opportunities in and around Blackfeet reservation. Vocational education is a part of the general education structure since occupational value and career awareness are essential in the relevance of course content. The Blackfeet Community College‘s goal is to provide the required coursework, hands on experience and application, program and short term certification to enter the workforce.

The college works collaboratively with local employers, employment agencies, high schools, and community to establish and implement certificate programs and short term trainings that will reflect the occupational needs of the reservation. The Workforce Development Department collaborates with the Blackfeet Community CollegeCareer Center with assisting in the job placement and job opportunities for our students.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment for Workforce Development Department programs are as follows:

  • National Practical Exam: EMS101
  • Psychomotor Nationally Registry Exam: EMS100
  • Students gain skills in work ethics, job applications, interviewing, verbal, and written communication, and related education work: VOC101 Employer/Employee Relations
  • Develop skills and gain hands on experience necessary to work entry-level positions in the construction field. All CON courses.
  • Welding National Certification in the following areas: 3/8” groove place test and 1” groove plate test.


Business & Information Technology

  • Business Administration – AS
  • Computer Science – AAS
  • Entrepreneurship – AAS

Health & Human Performance

  • LPN – AAS

Workforce Trades

  • Construction Technology – AAS

Certificate/Training Programs

  • Behavioral Health Aide
  • Building Trades – Emphasis in Solar Energy
  • Emergency Medical Responder/Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic
  • Welding Training