Nursing Division


Mission Statement

The mission of the Blackfeet Community College nursing program is to provide Native American students and our “universal community” access to high quality nursing education.  The primary aim of the program is to prepare entry-level registered nurses as providers of care across the health/illness continuum and as members of the profession. The nursing program will give individuals the necessary competencies, cultural and clinical practices required for safe, effective, and holistic nursing.  The faculty promotes the growth and development of students into safe, caring, and professional nurses with accountability for actions based on theory, critical reasoning, evidence-based practice, and effective communication to meet the challenges of the continuing changes in the health care environment.  Not only will the graduates of BCC serve the Blackfeet Nation and communities across Montana, they will also be prepared to work in any healthcare setting across the country.


Blackfeet Community College (BCC) began offering Nursing degrees and certificates in 2013-2014. BCC nursing program offers core nursing curriculum, clinical experiences, preceptorships for career development, and has gained state-wide support. BCC nursing students utilize a nursing simulation lab, which has been instrumental in providing critical skill development for nursing students. BCC nursing students are expected to meet high standards of care. Each student is preparing themselves for taking licensure examinations. Some nursing courses consist of classes online and on campus, which is building greater capacity for BCC to offer more distance learning opportunities beyond our service area. Students participate in clinical experiences in Great Falls, Browning, Columbia Falls, and Cut Bank, Montana as clinical partners. The BCC Nursing Program recognizes that our students need to possess the skills to integrate awareness of diversity into their practice, therefore we are preparing them to be culturally competent to work in Indian Country and beyond.

Registered Nursing Program Description

The registered nursing program at BCC is designed to prepare the student with the knowledge and skills required to assume the responsibilities of an entry level registered nurse. Upon graduation, the student receives an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing. This allows the student to become eligible to take the national licensure examination (NCLEX) to become a licensed registered nurse (RN) and begin their nursing career.

How to apply to ASN Program


    • Students must apply to Blackfeet Community College before applying to the Nursing Program.
    • Completed applications are due April 1st,  by mail or hand delivered to the Nursing Department.

ASN Program Acceptance Process

    • The Nursing Department will begin screening all completed applications after April 15th.
    • Enrollment in the Nursing Program is based on availability of funding, faculty and clinical facilities.
    • Selection of ASN applicants will be completed and notified by June 1st.

Pre-Requirement Credits

Courses must be completed or in process of completion in order to apply for the Nursing Program.