Math and Science Division

Welcome to the Math and Science Division. We offer Associates of Science Degrees in Math/Science, Health Sciences, and Pre-Engineering. Please contact any of our instructors if you have any questions.

Math and Science Division Goals

  • To find funding for research projects
  • To recruit students to participate in research.
  • Improve retention of current students.
  • Support instructors who want to attend learning opportunities.
  • Improve the science and math curriculum.

New Math and Science Facility

The math and Science Division has been moved to the new Math and Science Building that officially opened on December 15, 2010. The new building houses two classrooms, one research lab, computer Lab and 3 Additional Labs, and six offices. With the new technology being offered at the Blackfeet Community College, students are able to compete with other schools in the research arena. Also with the new technology, equipment and space, Blackfeet Community College is more competitive while grant seeking. The new Math and Science building is also a great recruitment and retention tool as now students will not have to leave Blackfeet Community College to obtain research experience with the latest in technology.

Math and Science Division Educational Opportunities

The Math and Science Division instructors make sure that the students have access to help as needed. The faculty has established office hours, but also makes appointments to meet with students on an as needed basis. Math tutors are also provided by student services and a class has been developed to tutor students on all levels of math to assist them to move to the next class in the sequence. All of these strategies help to ensure that students are successful in their classes and hopefully keeps them motivated to continue their education.

The faculty in the Math and Science Division make recruitment efforts a daily enterprise by talking to students in the hallways, classrooms, and in the community. Official events such as speaking at orientation and other college recruitment gatherings is done by all of the faculty.

Past students, who have participated in American Indian Higher Education Conference, have repeatedly won in science competitions. Other students have presented at national conferences after successfully completed research projects. Students who have graduated from Blackfeet Community College and transferred into a four year university have been able to take their ongoing research projects with them. The university acknowledged their research project’s validity and have supported the continuation of the research projects. One student has obtained national recognition for his research project that began at Blackfeet Community College.

Learning Outcomes for the Programs

  • Effective verbal, written, and graphic communication to accurately and appropriately read, inform, and convey scientific information.
  • Critical analysis and interpretation of information collected through research or laboratory experiences, based on scientific methodology, principles, and sound and logical reasoning.
  • Continuous academic preparedness in the life and physical sciences that leads to potential career and professional pathways.
  • Application of math operations, graphic data and algebraic formula necessary to collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data through laboratory investigation and experimentation.
  • Utilization of current and emerging instrumentation and related technologies in the collection and recording of scientific data.
  • Students will acquire knowledge in math, sciences, and related fields.