Education and Health Division

Associate of Arts-Education Program of Studies

Education program provides coursework leading to completion of both the general education and professional core program requirements. The Education curriculum is dedicated to providing authentic learning opportunities and can be modified to fit the student’s educational planner in Associate of Arts-Education with an Emphasis in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, or Health & Physical. The Education learning environment maintains and provides the opportunities for students to interact with other scholars (such as college instructors, classroom teachers, and students), encourage inquiry, develop critical thinking strategies, solve complex problems, and build effective communication skills. The program will prepare the students skill necessary to obtain employment or transfer to a four-year program.

Early Childhood Education Emphasis will provide a strong background for students seeking careers in a wide variety of settings including; child care-related programs and businesses, early intervention with children with special needs and preschool special education settings, child services and child-focused community agencies, state or federal agencies, and nonprofit settings that support children and families.

Elementary Education Emphasis will provide a background for students seeking careers as: K- 8 Elementary Teacher, Paraprofessional Educator, School Support Staff and School Administrator

Health & Physical Education Emphasis – will provide hands on courses that will transfer for student who are seeking a Montana Teacher Certification in Health and Physical Education K-12

Associate of Applied Science – Community Health

The Community Health AAS program is concerned with improving health and well-being for all through the promotion of healthful lifestyles, health family functioning, and community actions for health and conditions that make it possible to live healthful lives. In combination with core requirements, this degree will provide a foundation of knowledge, problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills that are needed for an individual to continue education in a health related field of study or to use in a professional position. Career opportunities in our community may include public schools, family/school support staff, paraprofessional, HPE teacher assistant, tutor, coaching position, Glacier National Park recreation activities coordinator, tribal health worker, youth coordinator/mentor, group home assistant, child/adolescent case manager, fitness & wellness trainer, health research intern, and community health educator.

Students who are planning on transferring must take the Health Science program of study.