Business and Information Technology Division

After a busy year ensuring transferability of courses at Montana State University-Northern, the division of Business and Information Technology is now developing a 2+2 degree program with the University of Montana, scheduled for implementation by fall 2016. The 2+2 program of study provides a seamless transfer for BCC students who wish to continue their education at regional universities where they can obtain a Bachelor’s degree. Our long-range vision is to expand these 2+2 programs through additional partnerships developed with Montana State University-Bozeman, as well as the entire Montana University System (MUS). 
The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Degree program continues to work closely with the college’s grant-funded NACTEP-STEM program to provide career and technical education, stipends, and computer-based courses to students who will obtain a certification and/or Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Also assisting student success, our recurring grant from the Johnson Scholarship Foundation continues to supply scholarships to business students in the amounts of $1,250 or $2,000, depending upon GPA.
The division further recruits students for the college’s American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) Chapter initiated each academic year. In addition to developing creative business and marketing ideas for the national AIBL conference held annually, Chapter participants also implement strategic fundraising activities to help offset conference travel expenses.