Title III

Institutional Development, Title III

Title III provided 70 new computers across campus and moved the Information Technology Center from the Library to the National Vocational Education Building. This past year Title III and other BCC staff were able to win four new major proposals that will greatly assist the College in the next year:

  1. Title III Strengthening Institutions, this is a five year grant in the amount of $1,975,000, was written by Lola Wippert, Administrative Specialist to the President, who collaborated with the Comprehensive Development Committee and the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  2. Title III Construction, this project is a one-year grant in the amount of $1,187,740 and was written by Office of Sponsored Programs Director Ron LaDue who collaborated with the Facilities and Comprehensive Development Committees.
  3. HUD-TCUP for $390,500 was also written with collaboration of the Facilities Development Committee, and
  4. A $270,000 USDA renovation grant written by Terry Tatsey.

The Title Institutional Development grant will be used to continue the efforts developed by the previous Title III project, the new five-year project will focus on new initiatives that will move the College forward in its efforts to better serve the Blackfeet Reservation.

The Title III Construction grant will allow the College to build a new 5,000 square foot administrative services facility and allow the Building Trades department to provide internships to students in the construction trades programs, this project will also assist in renovating and improving the flooring of the Beaver Painted Lodge building, and renovation of offices for faculty. The HUD-TCUP funds are being used to install the new facility on the east end of the campus, and provide better facilities for the Colleges Maintenance Department equipment and vehicles.

The USDA Renovation grant will be used to provide continued upgrade and much needed maintenance of the Colleges facilities and landscaping. During the past year Title III received additional funding in the amount of $300,000 that was used to install the new computer technology and assisted the College staff with professional development opportunities.