Blackfeet Community College’s Greenhouse is a unique project aimed at preventing the extinction of Native plants due to traumatic environmental use. Native plants have long been used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes by tribal members and are an integral part of many of the elder’s source of relief to many ailments as well as ceremony. The Greenhouse project cultivates these native plants for restoration on the Blackfeet Reservation and on the eastern part of Glacier National Park. The different agencies pooled resources to build a geodesic dome to propagate native plants.

The greenhouse dome cumulates the same effects of a Blackfeet sweat lodge. All plants grown at the BCC Greenhouse are available for sale. Please feel free to inquire regarding the sale of the many items grown in the greenhouse. Such as hedges, perennials, mock orange, sweet grass, yarrow root, rose bushes, hanging baskets, lawn ornaments, buffalo grass, sage, echinacea, peppermint, service berry bushes, chokecherry bushes, dog-wood willow, cotton wood willow, rabbit wood willow and trees such as fir, sweet-pine and pine trees.