Distance Learning Attendance Policy

To stay in compliance with state and federal regulations, Blackfeet Community College is required to maintain accurate attendance records in all courses. Online courses are no different from classroom courses in this regard; however, participation must be defined in a different manner. Student “attendance” in online courses will be defined as active participation in the course as described in each course syllabus.

Online courses will, at a minimum have weekly mechanisms for student participation, which can be documented by any or all of the following methods: student tracking in Moodle; submission/completion of assignments; and communication with the instructor. Students who do not log on to the course within the drop/add period for the course will be dropped from the course. (Drop/add and withdrawal dates are listed in the published campus calendar and the course syllabus). Students who fail to maintain active participation in an online course as defined in the course syllabus will be processed in accordance with the College’s current attendance policy.

Hybrid courses have classroom and online attendance requirements. Refer to the individual course syllabus for more specific information about hybrid attendance requirements. The syllabus should include the dates that students are required to be on campus. Students enrolled in a hybrid course will meet with their instructor on the first day of the class.