Continuing Education

The Office of Continuing Education at the Blackfeet Community College provides a venue for the college to offer courses, educational opportunities, and special events outside the offered university curriculum. The courses provided by the Office of Continuing Education are targeted primarily toward the larger community and/or specific interest groups.

Program Description

The Office of Continuing Education offers programs, lecture series, and courses with the shared mission of the Blackfeet Community College to provide a venue for teaching skills for living and making a living. The courses, workshops, and programs are only offered for general credit at this time. **

Program Purpose

Courses and programs offered through continuing education will also help build community awareness and cooperation. In addition, the continuing education offerings will also publicize the college to the community and even a larger base with some of its programs. This will help with student recruitment to the College’s degree programs as well as with retention by building strong relationships with the College’s faculty and staff to potential students who take part in the courses and programs offered by the Office of Continuing Education. Courses and programs will be offered via partnerships and collaborative efforts with entities and businesses. Courses will focus and provide a competitive advantage because BCC continuing courses are:

  • A values-based, innovative, and offer current curriculum
  • Can be offered at the request of instructors, potential students, or community interest groups
  • Can be taught via numerous delivery methods
  • Video-based and/or web-enhanced instruction
  • Cost competitive
  • High quality academic programs

Program Goals

The goals of the Office of Continuing Education are in line with the mission of the Blackfeet Community College. The courses and programs selected to be offered for continuing education credits will provide a high quality, individualized educational experience. Courses and programs offered through continuing education will be designed to match the student pool demand.
**CEUs are considered “general” credit then that participant will earn CEU credit/s which will be documented on a certificate attached to a student copy of the CEU form. Please advise participants to keep this for their records. If no signature is on the CEU form; the coordinator will initial the form for the instructor or workshop coordinator.

**All CEU certificates will be completed in a timely manner and returned to the instructor/s of the course or workshop. It is the responsibility of the instructor/s to get the certificates to the participant or mailed by the coordinator. CEU credits will not be counted towards “actual credits” or PELL Payout.

**In order to use a classroom or meeting room for the workshop or class. A facility use application must be filled out. The application may be picked up from the administration receptionist, or you can download it from this website. The Facilities Committee meets every Tuesday, and all applications are reviewed at that time. Please have your request submitted by 12:00pm on Tuesday; at least one week prior to your event. As our facilities often fill up during the academic year so we suggest you turn in your application as far in advance as possible. The facility use fee will be waived if BCC is able to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for your workshop or class. A possible workshop fee will apply to all participants.